About Us


Science Heuristics (established 2007) - the pioneer of Science Answering Technique (SG 1st - Answering Technique (2009); widely adapted and used in schools and education institutions; Part of NLB book repository). Our Principals - Alda Lim and Cedric Chai, with their vast experience as Vice-Principal Designate, MOE Head of Branch, HOD Science, A. Supervisor of PSLE Science Marking, Chief PSLE Invigilator and winners of various National Education related awards/nominations, have specially crafted a series of Learning Tools (APPs, Books, Courses), to cater to the needs of those pupils who aspire to achieve a break-through and/or gain a good grounding in the subject. These will equip pupils with a Scientific, Systematic approach to the subject, bringing about a 21st century mindset of Applied learning.


Bridging gaps between knowledge acquisition and application - Applied Learning

Research/ Methodology

Fact: Mere memorising of facts and concepts, coupled with loads of practices will not lead to understanding nor results.

Reality: Education, now, demands the learner to solve problems in new situations with the acquired knowledge, on top of expressing it explicitly - Applied Learning.

Solution: Science Heuristics empowers your child to UNDERSTAND, THINK and TALK Science - UNDERSTAND instead of memorising concepts; Equipping your child with an approach to analyse the situations/scenarios (THINK Science) and expressing his/her answers in a complete, precise and accurate manner (TALK Science).