LiSC [Linking Science Concepts] Mastery Series

There are many guidebooks with ‘tons’ of factual information available for students to master their content and even those beyond the syllabus, but there is currently no guidebook that explicitly pin-point the approach to improve answering skills (technique). This series of books (LiSC - Linking Science Concepts) is currently the First and Only series available to guide students and parents in the mastery of science process skills and answering techniques.
Available at NLB (National Library Board) branches since 2010.

About the Author


Cedric Chai and Alda Lim are former NIE-trained Heads of Department for Science with the Ministry of Education, having the experience of supervision of PSLE Science marking as well as the marking of PSLE Science papers. Both of them have conducted several Teaching and Learning workshops for teachers and parents on top of coaching numerous students in many high profile award-winning National Competitions and delivered Quality results (A and A*) in Science for both the schools and students taught by them. Authors have also been featured on various media platforms.